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3 ways the Cloud can boost your productivity

Increased productivity is one of the biggest selling points of the Cloud and over 50% of businesses using Cloud based tools have already seen productivity benefits. Collaborating across borders and time zones has never been easier and the Cloud is swiftly making countless revisions of projects a thing of the past.

So just how can the Cloud encourage productivity in your business?

The very heart and soul of the Cloud lies in its simplicity. Every Cloud provider will strive to make the most menial of tasks as easy as possible for their users

Security in the Cloud

Over the past couple of days, the second wave of sensitive images of A-list actresses and models have been leaked online on the now controversial image sharing forum 4Chan. The first images, which were posted around 3 weeks ago, contained photos acquired by a group of hackers who reportedly exploited a weak spot in Apple’s iCloud service.

The leaks have caused many to declare their anger toward both Apple – for flaws in the safety of their iCloud backup system – and towards the hackers themselves

We love SaaS

The rental market is big business these days and many consider renting to be a viable option. Think about it, over 40% of the UK housing market is rented, more people are opting to lease cars rather than purchase them and millions of businesses rent hosting space for their website. Like it or not we are becoming a nation of rent lovers!

But – and it’s a big but – is it really a problem? You still acquire your chosen product but pay a retaining fee for it. Bye bye upfront costs.

So we rent in our private lives so why not in business too?