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I will hold my hands up and say I honestly can’t remember a time before the Internet. It’s often difficult to believe that the World Wide Web has been around for a quarter of a century today.

Yes, 25 years ago, back on March 12 1989 (before I was even born) a chap called Tim Berners-Lee came up with an idea for a “universal linked information system” to help academics from across the world to run CERN (the particle accelerator miles underground in Switzerland)

Cloud computing

The basics of business fundamentally stay the same, however it’s how you communicate, manage and your decisions that changes over time. With modern enhancements to technology you can stay one step ahead of your competitors with better decision-making, easier customer management and a faster sales process. Below are three key growth areas that you should consider

Cloud computing joke

Yes, I know the title is bad. This is what happens when I look to Chris for inspiration. The cheese comes out in full force! Anyway, getting to the point of this post. The Cloud. A term that is mentioned a lot today, both in the business world and out of it. Drop it into casual conversation with your pals on a Saturday afternoon; you’ll sound like an IT whizzkid. I guarantee it.