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Businesses are now competing within their industries more than ever before, thanks to the ever-evolving digital space and varying customer demands. It can be hard to keep up! Utilizing efficient supply chains was something that could set a business apart from its competition – but as more businesses catch on, what can be done to boost your brand even further?

Take a food service supply chain for example

BI analyzer tool

Choosing the right Business Intelligence (BI) system for your business needs is difficult and often very stressful. Throw in the burden of a systems cost, pressure from above in your company, and frustrations of your teams that will actually have to use a system every day, and you have yourself a headache.

Consider this BI Analyzer Tool article a metaphorical dose of headache pills and a cool glass of water. Take a moment. Breathe. Now read how to cut through the sales blurb and lofty promises to get to the details – what things mean and what do you really need

crm cant answer

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are swiftly becoming essential practice for many companies of all shapes and sizes. With over 60% of distributors already using CRM in some capacity, these tools are an easy way for companies to stay on top of their game and keep customers happy

And yet, recent research from MDM states that a measly 36% of users are actually happy with the level of ROI generated from their CRM system