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CRM savvy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s business world. But where does the real value lie in implementing such a system? With an economy that is constantly fluctuating, getting the most out of every prospect or customer is a must.

Research has shown that having instant, mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6%, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have an efficient CRM system in place

Sales assistant

Neil Saviano, President of CRM International (one of sales-i’s valued partners), has recently published an article discussing the massive value in ensuring that the technology decisions made by sales people are the correct ones.

Technology can act as your ‘sales assistant’, coupling a company’s ERP system together with Business Intelligence, CRM and sales force automation software.

sales-i integrates seamlessly with a number of CRM solutions, including world leading

Stalk your customers

As the global economy struggles and sales teams delve deep into their consciences about wasting fuel on poorly planned customer visits, market analysts are reporting a peak in interest in customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Paul Black, co-founder of sales-i, argues there is no shame in knowing your customer’s shoe size even if it’s from stalking them. Here at sales-i, the growing trend and usage of CRM tools is becoming ever more evident