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Driving customer loyalty in automotive industry

The automotive industry in particular is one rife with excellent customer service but poor customer loyalty in equal doses. The level of competition in the industry is so vast, that it makes for regular pricing wars between brands and consequently, a lack of switching costs for customers. Loyalty, what loyalty?

But when it comes to customer loyalty, can technology really be the right replacement for a good ol’ human being at the end of a phone? The answer is yes

Stepping into another lecture at University I was greeted by yet more business theory. As I sat there listening about the 80/20 rule (Pareto Split) I thought to myself “here’s something else I’m learning that will probably have no impact on my daily working life.” How wrong was I!

Since then I have found that the 80/20 rule is fundamental to every business because it works across so many functions – finance, customer spend, employee productivity, marketing engagement rates etc

Building supplies

This year is opening up new growth opportunities for the building supplies industry. But what can you do to ensure your business is securing new sales and preparing for growth? We have put together a few hints and tips to get you thinking about changes that can get you building a successful sales pipeline.

Tip 1: Manage your data, don’t let it manage you

With multiple product lines your sales data is the backbone of any building business. It allows you to predict future sales so your supply chain works more efficiently