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Ah cold calls. We all despise them, yet so many salespeople continue to make them, having a hugely detrimental impact upon customer service levels. With just 13% of customers believing that a salesperson can truly understand their needs, a poorly informed, shoddy cold call is not the place to encourage a fruitful business relationship to flourish.

Our CEO, Paul Black spoke to

The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is often overlooked by many B2B companies, with them usually looking to new business than retaining their existing base. However, these stats will show you the importance of customer loyalty and why having a strong retention strategy really sets your company apart from your competition, and will keep them queuing up for more.

Let’s take a quick look at the customer habits of today. We all expect more for less; it’s cheap and easy to switch and being loyal is no longer a priority for any of us. This rings true for both B2B and B2C sales as we are all being more mindful of our money and budgets get squeezed tightly.

As youngsters when we take our first steps into the professional working world, it is drilled into many of us that it is more costly to convert a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. Certainly, that still applies