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Would you sell steak to a vegetarian? Nope, me neither. Selling products to customers who clearly don’t have an interest in what you have to offer is a waste of energy and precious selling time. But at what point, exactly, was it made clear that they don’t want what you’re offering? Without customer intelligence and analytics, you’ll never have the in-depth answers you need for approaching a sale, fully prepared

5th May 2016
sales trust

Do you trust me? This is a question with no in-between; it’s either yes or it’s no. Gaining trust from another individual is how you can start to build rapport and eventually even influence their actions.

Recently, I was lucky enough to come across an inspirational video on YouTube in which Richard Mullender was discussing how to improve your communication skills and your ability to inspire, influence, understand and persuade your peers.

Here is the video:

Sales Initiative magazine

Ah cold calls. We all despise them, yet so many salespeople continue to make them, having a hugely detrimental impact upon customer service levels. With just 13% of customers believing that a salesperson can truly understand their needs, a poorly informed, shoddy cold call is not the place to encourage a fruitful business relationship to flourish.

Our CEO, Paul Black spoke to