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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are swiftly becoming essential practice for many companies of all shapes and sizes. As a relatively easy way for companies to stay on top of their game and keep customers on side, the countless benefits of a CRM systems mean it should be common practice for every business.

Distribution companies in particular are a unique breed with industry concerns and challenges that set them apart from every other company out there, from a customer base that changes almost overnight to technology

Distributor predictions

Many distributors will be happy to see 2013 drift away into the sunset, and for good reason too. A good number of our customers are distributors and we listen to their concerns on a daily basis. What we have found is that distributors have seen 2013 as a transition year. Revenue may be up on previous years but that is mainly due to efficiency initiatives rather than growth.

The distribution industries therefore have become leaner than a few years ago and most are learning to do more, with less. So what will 2014 bring for distributors? Here are a couple of our predictions.