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Why ERP needs BI

ERP software is commonplace in many businesses today. No matter the size of your business, an ERP solution will unite every corner of your business into a streamlined, well-oiled machine.

But is it enough to really take your business from good to great? Probably not. Business Intelligence software however, can and will change your business for the better (and if you don’t yet know the difference between ERP and BI, check out my post here)

12th December 2013

As our customer base continues to grow, sales-i has recognized the importance of becoming development partners with many ERP software providers. sales-i has recently become compatible with leading business software provider SAP and is listed on the SAP Application Partner Development Center.

Sales assistant

Neil Saviano, President of CRM International (one of sales-i’s valued partners), has recently published an article discussing the massive value in ensuring that the technology decisions made by sales people are the correct ones.

Technology can act as your ‘sales assistant’, coupling a company’s ERP system together with Business Intelligence, CRM and sales force automation software.

sales-i integrates seamlessly with a number of CRM solutions, including world leading