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In an increasingly digital world the traditional workplace has been extended onto social networks, professional networking sites and broken free of the regular 9 to 5. As a result, modern salespeople are having to navigate a shifting landscape of social do’s and don’ts as they build and nurture working relationships

Working in sales can be a minefield. High pressure, limited time, strong competition, bad press, you can be flavor of the month one month yet tossed to a side the next.

It can be even harder when you’re trying to sell technical products to average Joe who hasn’t got a degree in advanced mathematics. So how can you make selling easier for yourself, no matter how technical the product is?

Think F.A.B …

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There’s nothing quite like having a deal in the palm of your hands only to see it slip away.

Whether it’s due to poor website set up or a tired sales approach, exactly that happens to your leads as you unintentionally lose them and potentially see them go with the competition.

Use customer intelligence tools correctly and you can not only learn where the most common exit points are, but also gain insight into why it’s happening.

Once you’ve got the why, you can come up with a solution. So, exactly why are you losing leads? Here are 7 common reasons