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There’s nothing quite like having a deal in the palm of your hands only to see it slip away.

Whether it’s due to poor website set up or a tired sales approach, exactly that happens to your leads as you unintentionally lose them and potentially see them go with the competition.

Use customer intelligence tools correctly and you can not only learn where the most common exit points are, but also gain insight into why it’s happening.

Once you’ve got the why, you can come up with a solution. So, exactly why are you losing leads? Here are 7 common reasons


However good the product or service you offer, all businesses rely on new sales opportunities to grow and develop. Although up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers can be extremely effective for increasing sales, it’s always important to integrate new business wherever possible.

That said, new sales opportunities rarely land straight on your desk. So, improving the number of sales you get through the door is essential for bringing in new business and good quality leads


Despite what the news will have you believe, things are looking up for the UK economy, with retail sales, the pound and confidence in British business all soaring since the majority voted leave about 2 months ago.

That said, every single company up and down the country will be wondering exactly how to prosper in the times of economic uncertainty that we may well enter during the actual Brexit process, which is likely to last well into 2018