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When it comes to effective sales and marketing, you have to stay top dog. How? By knowing your current and potential customers inside and out. This can be difficult if you’re relying solely on gut feeling. Is there an easier way? Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow companies just like yours to effectively and efficiently analyze data and create proactive marketing strategies based on key insights.

BI has come a long way since the term was coined in the ‘80s. Today’s robust solutions are now available to all types of businesses


Many sales managers are so bogged down with selling, nurturing leads and helping their team to excel that they forget to spare a little time to think about their own effectiveness. There are thousands of sales leaders out there, each of which is constantly telling the members of their team how to improve, but how many think about how to improve themselves?

It is, of course, an incredibly difficult job to manage a sales team

Surprising stats about CEOs

A CEOs role is not an easy one, many assume you can come and go as you please, simply delegate tasks or you are an all-knowing, magically competent leader. Of course, the truth is much different, as CEOs need to meet the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities and the law. How a CEO spends their time is what defines the company and its profits