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Infographic: 5 things every sales manager should know about sales performance

Making the step up into a sales manager role can be daunting, a move that can stress you out and completely reinvent the way that you were used to working.

The infographic below highlights a few points that sales managers should know about sales performance and their teams.

Automotive aftermarket infographic

Here at sales-i, we are always interested in understanding what is going on in each of the markets that we work with. That’s why we recently carried out a survey of 421 sales professionals across the North American automotive aftermarket industry to find out just how the sector was looking in 2015.

The below infographic highlights some of our findings, take a look and let us know what you think!


Big Data has become bigger than ever and its growth is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. This growth rate is beginning to present every business with endless opportunities.

Even Small Data has produced massive results

For the moon landing, traveling the 226,000 miles at a speed of 2,100mph only required a computer program with 64kb, which is 31,250 times less powerful than your smartphone. So just imagine what Big Data can do