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Business Intelligence for Manufacturers

With the increase in globalization, a flagging economy and a customer demanding more by the day, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are finding themselves a little stuck. The odd peak here and there when the industry is on the up are short and sweet, and manufacturers soon find themselves back where they started. Business Intelligence software for manufacturers is now becoming an answer to many of the industry’s questions.

Manufacturers are of course trying to work out what causes slumps in the industry

UK Manufacturing

The UK manufacturing industry is slowly making its comeback, and it has been reported just this week to be enjoying one of its strongest growth periods in 22 years.

An article published on the BBC yesterday noted, “manufacturers have raised production in May to meet strong demand and growth continued at almost the same rate seen in April, matching economists’ expectations

BI for manufacturing

Manufacturers haven’t had the easiest time over the last few years. With a recession lasting longer than most economists predicted, many have had to look closely at their operations and maximize efficiency. Manufacturers are beginning to adopt new technologies to help them achieve growth and improvements in productivity. The technology that is emerging as a key consideration is business intelligence software