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Working in sales is not easy. Ridiculously early starts, high-pressured days and painfully late nights as every month draws to a close. Why do you do it? For the rush, the incredible feeling that comes with closing a deal, hitting a target and securing another happy customer as business continues to go from strength to strength.

But keeping that momentum going, staying motivated and on top of your game is often challenging. So. Here are our top 5 tips to ensuring

225 million members. 200 countries. 10 years. LinkedIn has come a long way since its birth back in May 2003. But as a whole, is LinkedIn really that good for sales?

Social selling is quickly taking over and beginning to dominate the sales arena. The traditional methods of cold call and emailing simply don’t work. Relationships are the foundation of selling and LinkedIn is the professional social network that will help you to take advantage of being social.

Trading in people

Contacts are the currency of LinkedIn and connections breed connections

Managing sales. All-important but often overlooked. Yet today, a truly worrying number of sales managers are so used to managing their business on their own that they neglect to put into a place a sales funnel or pipeline.

You must have a sales funnel right? If you are a funnel person, your game is the numbers game. Hitting the phones, making 100 calls to book 10 meetings to close 1 sale. So your funnel would go from 100 to 10 to 1. The law of averages would tell us that the more calls you make, the more sales you close. Sales funnels are often heavily based on activity rates