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8th March 2018

Hello again and thank you for joining me for the final instalment of our series ‘Sell More Beer 101’. Up to now we have established that you need an excellent beer, outstanding knowledge of your product, created a unique brand, delved into social media and have maximized the value of your employees as advocates of your brand.

My previous blog article on excellent beer can be found here, and the blog about how you can create a unique brand can be found here

Jango Fett

Back in December 2017, we welcomed two local apprentices into the sales-i family from Solihull College. As a company, we are always looking for ways to support our local community and we are very lucky to have access to an outstanding pool of talent here in the Midlands.

We are delighted to be able to support two local students with real world experience to supplement their studies, giving them the opportunity to apply their skills in a business environment

1st March 2018

Welcome back to our Sell More Beer 101 blog. So far, we have established that to stand out from the crowd you need an excellent beer, outstanding knowledge of your product and we’ve discussed how to build the foundations of a winning brand. If you missed my previous blog you can find it here.

Here’s the next instalment of our ‘to-do list’ to make your tipple top of the pile