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Selling and managing require two very different sets of discipline. Although a significant level of experience within the environment you are managing is essential, the top-performing salesperson doesn’t always go on to make the best sales manager.

After all, if you make the step up, you’ll be selling significantly less than before (if at all) and the pressure for each sale to succeed becomes greater as the performance of others becomes even more important. You’re no longer judged on your own performance, but instead of the performance of the team around you

There’s no doubt about it, sales is a highly competitive, results driven business. That’s why having the right leadership is crucial to a sales team’s success. So how can you be the leader that your team needs? How can you help them negotiate the highs of target smashing one day, followed by the lows of rejection the next? How can you keep them motivated every single day, so that they deliver the results you need?

1. Understanding individuality

One of the most important rules of managing a sales team is to know your team on an individual basis

Sales software for roles

Many of us will trust our ‘gut’ when making decisions, relying on that instinctive knowledge, that innate niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach that and that voice in your head that tells what or what not to do. Sales, however is not somewhere you should be relying on your ‘gut’ but instead on hard fact and customer data.

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