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Many of us will trust our ‘gut’ when making decisions, relying on that instinctive knowledge, that innate niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach that and that voice in your head that tells what or what not to do. Sales, however is not somewhere you should be relying on your ‘gut’ but instead on hard fact and customer data.

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sales pipeline

What is a sales pipeline? It may seem like a simple question to answer but, in truth, it’s more complicated than you think – a lot more.

Definition: ‘The sales pipeline represents your sales process consisting of all the sales steps you need to take in order to sell your product to your customer.’

A sales pipeline can become complicated because of the many sales steps involved, the varying needs of a prospect, timelines and the ever-changing probability of closing

competent or incompetent

A few years back I attended a training course that outlined how we’re all at different stages in any task that we undertake. These stages of learning are directly related to our level of knowledge or experience, resulting in our level of competence.

The training course explicitly explained the four stages of learning – unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent and unconsciously competent