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How to implement the "Do you want fries with that?" cross sale into your business

Ever been to McDonald’s and heard the question “Do you want fries with that?” This simple question must have earned McDonald’s billions of dollars over the last two or three decades.

Funny then that most salespeople, sales managers and CEOs don’t even attempt to replicate the same selling technique across their own customer base.

Cross selling can be a major earner for any business, regardless of sector

Sales opportunities that fizzle out

We’ve all been there, making a phone call or sending an email and receiving positive selling signs from a prospect, only to get a few months down the line and your ‘hot lead’ has become colder than an Eskimo eating an ice cream. But why has this happened? You gave the perfect sales pitch, you kept in touch with the prospect and they were a ‘fit’ for your product or service. In this blog post I’ll outline the key reasons why your prospect has fizzled out and what you can do to overcome this hurdle.