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Well informed, self-sufficient and on the button sales teams are often the most successful sales teams. With productivity and performance being heralded a top challenge in nearly half of all B2B sales organizations, optimizing your sales team has never been more important. An article on explained just how big a role predictive analytics can play in a high-performing sales team

Looney Tunes TNT

Many modern salespeople are masters of using their charm to woo prospects and keep customers loyal, yet their skills with the old keyboard can often be blunter than the back of a spoon.

Luckily for you, my colleagues and I know a thing or two about crafting sales and marketing emails that pack a proper persuasive punch.

Below is a list of words we use when trying to write simple-yet-powerful sales emails, content or collateral.


del boy and sales opportunities

Whether you’re a fan or not, Only Fools and Horses has given us a great character in Del Boy. The dodgy dealing wide boy from Peckham is a lovable yet sneaky character who saw the sales opportunity in everything from his humble headquarters in Nelson Mandela house.

Derek Trotter wasn’t the smartest man in the world (or even Peckham, for that matter) but his endeavoring sales tactics, blind entrepreneurial spirit and admirable ‘never say die’ attitude have had a profound effect on business people in the UK and much further afield