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When you’re looking for ways to grow your business, you could do worse than using tried and tested upselling or cross-selling techniques.

I know. You hate to hassle your current clients, but you cannot ignore the benefits. The cost of upselling to existing customers is so much lower than going out on the hunt for new business.

Conversion rates to existing customers are up to 16x higher. Plus. Even if they don’t buy anything additional, your call will have value as account management.

So, with that in mind, read on for 5 cross-selling tips and upselling techniques

8 steps to delivering a killer demo – Pt.2
8 Steps To Delivering A Killer Demo – Pt.2


Welcome back to our 8 essential steps to delivering a killer demo. In our last installment, we made sure our prospect was at the right point in their buying journey to benefit from a demo, we personalized the demo to have greater impact and set a clear agenda on what the demo would cover. If you missed it you can read it here.

Now we can get stuck into the actual demo! Let’s go…



8 steps to delivering a killer demo – Pt.1
8 Steps To Delivering A Killer Demo – Pt.1


A good demonstration can make or break a deal. We’ve all seen a range of pitches and presentations. We’ve all hidden behind our hands in horror, but not often enough sat slack-jawed in amazement. Why aren’t we often impressed? How can you deliver a killer demo?

Honestly, it is very difficult to make the same content fun when you deliver the same speech eight times a day, five days a week, every month