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Ahhh, the age-old question, “should your sales and marketing teams be aligned?” This is a topic that throws up a few heated discussions from both sales and marketing teams. My background involves many marketing roles from different sectors and I know first hand that marketing can be a difficult entity to shoe horn into another department.

Despite years of differing views there is still a sales and marketing alignment problem. So what are the pros and cons of making a

26th September 2013

We all hear chat about how today’s buyer is changing. No longer a static individual, waiting for a sales call to spark some interest or make them think twice about how they are approaching a particular aspect of their lives, but an educated, switched on group that know what they do and do not want.


Step back in time 10 years (when, yes, I was just 13!) to a time when sales people were lumbered with a presentation, a data sheet, a quota and simply told to go sell

A business culture is nothing new. We all talk about how important it is to promote a productive culture in the workplace. But what about a healthy sales culture? Every sales director will have an idea of what his or her team culture should be like, but how often do we see a specific sales culture in business?

Sales operations should be a breeding ground for success, avid determination and the development of a competitive streak