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Twitter for salespeople

Traditionally, filling the sales pipeline with hot prospects was done by knocking on doors and doing some good old-fashioned networking. Then, as the ubiquity of phones increased, office-based lead generation became popular. Now, social media sites such as Twitter are offering a new and different avenue for salespeople to find their prospects.

Unfortunately, where many have tried, few have succeeded. Not many salespeople have an effective way of generating prospects from the powerful tool that is Twitter

Salespeople still matter

Salespeople, and pushy salespeople in particular, don’t have the best reputation. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter and form an integral cog in any business. I recently read that salespeople are being ‘consigned to history’ but I don’t believe that for a minute. While technology is getting better and customers are becoming more empowered; aren’t your salespeople now more important than ever?

As consumers, I’m sure most of us will do a little bit of research into our purchases before we make them