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The term contact management software used to be synonymous with an online address book. Sure, it could be shared across departments, and notes could be made against customers’ records, but that was about it.

Fast forward to today, and contact management software has become the lynch pin of many organizations’ sales strategies.

So, what is contact management software and how can it help grow your business?

What is contact management software?

At the most basic level, a contact management system provides quick access to customers’ names and contact info

Sales Team Budget

Spending money effectively is essential for any sales and marketing team. This is obvious. What’s less obvious is how to spend it.

The sales and marketing budget is all-important: on average, it accounts for around 10% of a company’s total annual spend. Making sure it’s used in the right places – and, perhaps more importantly, not used in the wrong areas – is all-important.

So where should the money go?

Here are three areas to avoid, and three more to invest in.



No one likes change, but when it comes to technology, some people can be particularly resistant. So how can you win over a technophobe?

Here are the top 5 issues that influence the negative perception of technological change for salespeople and how to turn tech cynics into tech evangelists:


Forced technical upgrades

So much time and consideration goes into the costs, relevancy and implementation of a product without drawing on your most valuable resource – those that will have to use it every day