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It’s 11am on a Tuesday, you’ve just put the phone down after talking to a prospect and you’re ready to dial again to speak to the next person. This is a typical process for a salesperson but to do this you need to have acquired a database of contacts that may have a need for your product.

The consensus is that the more you pour into the top of the sales funnel the more that will come out the other end as a customer

Rejection in sales

Sales rejection isn’t a case of if, but when. We’re not being pessimistic – it’s simply a natural part of working in sales. There’d be something wrong with the world if every time you interrupted someone’s day to tell them about your latest, greatest offer, a few didn’t turn around and say no. What’s important however, is how you handle it.

So, you want to know how to overcome rejection in sales?

‘I want the truth!’


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Some swear selling over the phone is harder than face to face, where as others state the opposite. All types of sales come with their challenges, not least the words you use to present yourself. Arguably the most important weapon in your sales arsenal is your vocabulary. It can be the difference between creating a rapport with your customer and falling completely flat.

Whilst many will rely on following the crowd to get by – that’s the last mantra you want to live by as a salesperson. Find our top 5 overused phrases to avoid in sales below