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Inside sales has never been (and never will be) a walk in the park. It’s challenging, demanding and can take its toll on even the most successful of inside sales reps. But being the cream of the crop doesn’t come from just mulling around making a few calls here and there; it comes from being informed, smart and well-calculated, all day, every day.

The most successful inside sales reps have a few common traits that lend themselves to smart sales calls and profitable customer relationships. Here are some of the most important


We are often guilty of ignoring our problems and just letting them tick away in the background while we focus on the positive things in our lives.

While it’s a nice way to go about living in the short term, it can do you some serious damage in the long-term.

Minor health niggles, small financial difficulties and bad habits can all become much more serious problems in the future if we ignore them in the present.

Well, believe it or not, exactly the same can be said for your sales process