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Standing out in sales

Competition. Something that every salesperson faces on a daily basis. Sadly, cutting prices doesn’t constitute a competitive sales technique in the long-run. That said, a staggering 73% of respondents to the recent UK Sales Skills Audit were lacking in the basic skills required to maintain a competitive footing in the market and simply weren’t aware of the impact that competitors can have upon pipeline, opportunities and revenues.

This got me thinking

3rd July 2014
How to be brilliant

Sometimes good just isn’t good enough. A strong statement I know to start off a blog post but if you’re ‘good’ at something you will probably be joining thousands more who are as competent as you because, let’s face it, good is the next step up from average.

With this in mind, would you rather be a good salesperson or a brilliant one? You could be the Frank Sinatra of sales, or you could just carry on being the Miley Cyrus. Here’s how to ditch the monkey on your back and break into #TeamBrilliant.


29th April 2014
The future of selling

The sales profession is constantly evolving and if you compare the sales world of today with that of 15 years ago, the difference is remarkable. We’ve gone from paper based selling to mobile selling. From mobile telephones that weigh as much as a house brick to smartphones that weigh next to nothing. From lengthy sales meetings across dozens of cups of coffee, to online web meetings carried out across the globe