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Although digital timekeeping has supplanted it for the most part, there still exists an appreciation for the work of a watchmaker. The precision and skill that goes into even the humblest wristwatch is impressive to consider. Assembling the gears and springs in such a way to keep perfect time requires skill, dexterity and patience — the same can be said of building a successful Internet marketing lead generation campaign. Like a watch, a successful campaign is comprised of many small components that need to work in harmony to perform their function

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Sadly, despite having them every day, many business people don’t actually think about the quality of their conversations and how to improve them.

But, whether you realize it or not, conversations are an art and one which can be mastered, at that.

So, how can you become the Da Vinci of chat? How can you use what you say to become a master of the art and get exactly what you want? These tips will show you.

1. It’s not what you say…

Funnily enough, the majority of what we say doesn’t come from our mouths