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3 ways to grow your business in the volatile US Timber Markets
3 ways to grow your business in the volatile North American timber markets

 2018 has been a challenging time for those operating within the volatile timber markets. Navigating a way through the uncertainties of unit costs and industry demand whilst attempting to be a proactive, sustainable business remains incredibly difficult for most.

We have created a 3 step agenda for our brave forestry friends to provide a advice during this tough period. A few quick wins that can be used to boost your efforts and take back control over your business

remote sales team

You’ve surely heard the phrase, “it’s a small world”. For years, that’s been uttered whenever someone finds out they have a mutual friend or acquaintance in common. If it’s a small world generally, the business world must now be considered miniscule! With so many digital communication channels available and the use of cloud based software, business is conducted and managed more remotely than ever before. And where we work from, isn’t as restricted as it once was.

Remote working opens a world of opportunity – quite literally

close a sale

Ever heard the term ‘busy fool’? Essentially, it means prioritizing your work load incorrectly and giving greater urgency to tasks which don’t help you meet your key objectives. To be successful in sales, you have to be the very opposite of a busy fool – you need to know what actions to take in the short and long term which are going to help you succeed. That success is determined by one metric – your ability to close a sale.

Closing a sale isn’t a singular action, and those actions vary depending on communication channels, size of the deal and customer