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New to sales

For a while I always thought you had to be made for sales and you either knew how to sell or you didn’t. However since escaping the warm, comforting environment of education into the ‘real world’ I’ve noticed that good sales techniques can be learned and even a non-sales person can in time become a selling superhero.

So if you’re new to sales you’re probably thinking where to start and how to approach your first prospect. With the following three tips you can be on your way to sales stardom

Every company I’ve worked for has always had a sales team putting pressure on Marketing to provide ‘leads’, which is understandable. Usually the Sales Manager says, “Just get me the names and contact details of people who are willing to see me. Once I’m in front of them, I’ll do my job”. I do however have a problem with this, as it isn’t a lead. They’re inquiries, that is all.

I firmly believe that companies lose a huge number of sales leads by constantly trying to set up (possibly unwanted) sales calls

Sales productivity

The amount of pressure on sales reps is incredible. With targets to meet, month end always just around the corner and a sales director that is constantly looking over their shoulder, sales is undoubtedly one of the most hectic and pressurized environments to work in.

But where do the best sales reps focus their efforts to become the very best? Of course, prioritization is key. Wasting time faffing around with prospects that are going nowhere and making calls just to make small talk about the weather will get you nowhere in sales