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Business intelligence for sme

Analyzing data is proven to bolster business, but this is no longer purely in the domain of large companies. Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved and is now becoming accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

This is not a new concept, since the dawn of business time people have been trying to analyze their data to make their business better. For instance if you happen to have a time machine at hand you could zip back to Roman times and meet, lets say… Lucius, a merchant in the street

Sales success

Working in sales is not easy. Ridiculously early starts, high-pressured days and painfully late nights as every month draws to a close. Why do you do it? For the rush, the incredible feeling that comes with closing a deal, hitting a target and securing another happy customer as business continues to go from strength to strength.

But keeping that momentum going, staying motivated and on top of your game is often challenging. So. Here are our top 5 tips to ensuring

Sales negotiation

Many salespeople approach negotiations as battles to be won rather than challenges to be solved. The challenge is for both sides to consider what they would achieve if they determined the direction the discussions should take to enable both of them to see a win/win scenario developing.

How this position can be resolved often comes down to the attitude and mindset of the two parties. Here are some examples of how these problem-solving discussions can bear fruitful results