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Healthy sales competition

We don’t think so. Competition, ferocity and motivation make us all tick. Doing something that bit better than the person sat next to you, closing more deals or being the first in line for that elusive promotion. The need to be the best is in us all somewhere; it’s just tucked away in a dark, obscure corner for a few of us.

Instilling a drive into your business to make this year better than the last is always paramount

Sell and retain customers

Triggered email campaigns are helping companies of all sizes to sell better to their customers, improve conversion rates and retain customers better than ever before. Great, you’ve sold into a customer already, but do you have the tools in place to retain that customer?

It is a no-brainer that talking to your customers at the right time (often just as they are about to buy) is always going to improve your conversion rates. A recent survey (Epsilon, 2013) has shown that a triggered messaging campaign yields 70.5% higher open rates and 101

10th June 2013

We all know that familiar saying, “you need the right tools for the job”, and in the business world, this is no different. We need the right technology, the right equipment and the right manpower to get the job done correctly and efficiently. In a sales environment, we are always striving to hit our numbers, top last month and chase down the competition.

Yet, all too often, the availability of tools for a sales person is overlooked