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16th October 2015

For many UK businesses, cracking the US market is seen as the ultimate dream. But doing so is far easier said than done. Now, not to blow our own trumpet, but we’re proud to say we did just that and cracked the US market just 18 months after we set up shop in the UK.

So our CEO, Paul Black, knows a thing or two about doing business in the US and he recently spoke to

Leading Brewery and sales-i Customer Brewdog Featured on BBC News

It’s always exciting for us here at sales-i to see our customers featured in the media for any reason, be it award wins, new products or even for having a different take on their hiring process. But this morning saw craft brewery and sales-i customer Brewdog featured on BBC News.

How Brewdog became so popular

If you’re a fan of good-tasting beer and somewhat quirky brands, Brewdog is certainly for you and, as a company, they’ve become incredibly popular in the last couple of years amongst beer aficionados and weekend drinkers

5 Shortcuts to Closing a Sale in Record Time

It’s all well and good proclaiming that slow and steady wins the race, but in The Tortoise and the Hare, the winner wasn’t going to receive a cash prize which would help pay off bills, put food on the table and buy Christmas gifts for all their loved ones.

If they were, I’m pretty sure the Hare wouldn’t have stopped for a nap.

The point is that fairy tales are great for teaching people some of life’s key virtues, but they can’t always be applied to everything