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High performing sales team

Why do some sales teams forge ahead and deliver outstanding results, while others simply flounder, bump along never reaching their potential? Some would argue that it’s down to the product they’re selling, the calibre of the team members, the tools they have available to them, the economic climate or the leadership in the organization.

We’ve done our research, surveyed 254 salespeople, spoken to top psychologists and HR professionals and used our own case studies of sales teams that consistently deliver to produce this guide to building a high performing sales team

It sounds pretty terrifying doesn’t it? It’s not. It is simply a way of applying scientific or mathematical principles to your sales process to achieve your goals.

I know many of the sales managers, directors and teams will be reading this and scoffing that “I do this already…” and I’m sure you do. Together, sales, marketing and customer service all play a fundamental role in the sales process and collectively, they will consume a significant portion of a company’s budget

We conducted a survey of 254 sales professionals across the UK and USA which has shown that their career paths may have been determined from an early age. Demonstrating the ambition and drive required to succeed in a sales career, more than two thirds (68 per cent) say they were made to earn their pocket money as a child, while a third (31 per cent) found their first employment aged just 13. Just eight per cent questioned in the survey, waited until they were 18 to find a paid job