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Social media

Being social is part of our innate human nature, so it is definitely not something to be sniffed at as a sales person. People buy from people and building relationships is probably the only way to make consistent sales.

The way we, as consumers, approach a sale today has changed over the last five years or so. With the development of social media has come the development of a ‘savvy’ customer that is already an educated individual that knows what they do and do not want before you even make that first call as a salesperson

Social media

Social media has muscled into our lives like a hungry man at a barbeque. Not only is social media taking over our personal lives it is also firmly cemented its place in business too. That’s why sales-i is active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus.

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This is our main social media outlet. Natalie and myself try our best to our tweets interesting

225 million members. 200 countries. 10 years. LinkedIn has come a long way since its birth back in May 2003. But as a whole, is LinkedIn really that good for sales?

Social selling is quickly taking over and beginning to dominate the sales arena. The traditional methods of cold call and emailing simply don’t work. Relationships are the foundation of selling and LinkedIn is the professional social network that will help you to take advantage of being social.

Trading in people

Contacts are the currency of LinkedIn and connections breed connections