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Best web browser

Once upon a time when computers had the processing power equivalent to that of Harry the Hamster running around in his wheel, there was the Zeus of web, the daddy of all browsers, the one to rule them all- Internet Explorer. Every man and his dog used IE to ‘surf’ the web (I remember when that term was actually used quite often) and, as a result, it’s still engrained into most of us as our default web browser

29th April 2014
The future of selling

The sales profession is constantly evolving and if you compare the sales world of today with that of 15 years ago, the difference is remarkable. We’ve gone from paper based selling to mobile selling. From mobile telephones that weigh as much as a house brick to smartphones that weigh next to nothing. From lengthy sales meetings across dozens of cups of coffee, to online web meetings carried out across the globe

Salesperson's toolkit

Technology for salespeople is a no-brainer. But have you thought about finding the right technology for salespeople in your company?

I mean, we all know the important role tech plays in our day-to-day lives; could you honestly cut yourself off from technology, even for a day? I’m 100% sure you’d struggle. A lot. In a professional capacity, we all rely on it to close deals, generate leads, promote products or services and email our colleagues across the world