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Why your sales performance sucks

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A whopping 67% of salespeople miss their quotas. That means two thirds of your sales force is failing to do what you hired them to do: sell. As problems go, it’s an expensive one.

Not only are you missing out on lost sales, you’re also taking a hit by paying for a resource that under performs month-on-month. Research shows that the average sales person costs $500 per day to employ. That’s an investment not every wholesaler or distributor can afford without a solid return. But it’s not an easy problem to fix either, especially when the cost of replacing a bad sales person is said to be an eye-watering $114,957.

This eBook explains the reasons why your sales performance sucks and how you can use your business’ data to help it suck less.

Stop making junk sales calls
90% of interactions take place over the phone so make them count.

A lack of sales visibility
49.5% of companies struggle to spot a change in customer behavior.

Restoring sales clarity
Wholesalers and distributors need data to make better decisions.

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