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17 sales incentives that pack a punch

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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OK, the weather’s turning glum, your sales team is too. As a sales manager you need to kick some life back into them. The question is, how do you re-engage and motivate your sales team?­

The answer is simple: you run a fun, simple sales incentive that truly packs a punch.

Below you’ll see a list of 17 sales incentives that I believe would even motivate Eeyore if he were to work in your team.

1. Wacky Races (or any other racing theme)

Pick a well-known race series like Wacky Races and let your salespeople pick their player. It works by awarding points to every prospect appointment they make (or whatever you’re trying to prioritise). You can break it down by awarding points for additional prospecting criteria too.

New appointment = 3 points

Company revenue ($10m+) = 2 points

Certain location = 1 point

Specific industry = 1 point

At the end of the first week the salesperson who has moved his or her character the furthest down the track due to the points they have been awarded will win a prize.

This will repeat for 4 weeks and then the overall winner will win a larger overall prize.

2. An extra day’s holiday

Every month you can award the salesperson who has generated most business over the last month with an additional day’s leave, free of charge of course. The chances are that they will return to work refreshed and ready to recreate their sterling performance next month.

3. Energy days

As the title suggests, these are high energy, competitive selling days that can reap massive rewards. Only run them when all of your team is in the office.

The aim of the game is for your salespeople to win spot prizes. Every hour the top salesperson will win a prize. If an exceptional deal is won they may even get a better prize and more importantly, get to strike the in-house, novelty gong.

4. The ‘winner’s chair’

Have your salespeople ever dreamt of placing their rear end on the ‘Iron Throne’, a Big Brother style chair or even Morpheus’ red leather wingback chair from The Matrix for the day? If not, then they should, it’s a marvelous daydream.

But, if they have, you could run an incentive that replaces the salesperson’s normal desk chair with a famous one (obviously a replica from eBay) for the day if they exceed their monthly quota.

5. The ‘loser’s chair’

This sales incentive works in the same way as the ‘winner’s chair’, only in reverse. The salesperson with the fewest sales in the month has to sit on an embarrassing chair for the day such as a child’s stool or a rocking chair.

Nobody wants to have a visual representation of their previous month’s failings, so your team will work harder to ensure they aren’t bottom of the leaderboard.

6. Prime parking for your superstar salesperson

If parking is at a premium in your workplace, award your top salesperson with a prime parking spot for the month, the type of spot that your CEO would park his or her brand new Porsche in.

This incentive really highlights your top performer and motivates your other salespeople to kick it up a notch next time around.

You could focus this on one key product or area (i.e. new business) too, which would ensure the incentive doesn’t favor the salespeople with the most long-standing customers.

7. Let’s go for a beer (or seven)

This is a pretty simple team based sales incentive. Basically, you award your whole team a free trip to the local bar, with all expenses paid if they collectively hit their quota. Make sure the senior management team go along too, as this shows their appreciation towards the team (and so they can pay).

8. Family fun day

This is an incentive that I helped to organize a few years back and it was a roaring success, if I do say so myself! The premise of this sales incentive is to reward the entire team by hiring carnival style games, rides and attractions and setting them up in a field. The attractions can include anything from hovercrafts and carousels to face painting and giant Jenga.

This proved to be a successful sales incentive as it helped galvanize the team and allowed their families to join in with the fun.

9. He shoots… he scores!

Firstly, grab some double sided tape, then pick a spot on the wall. Great, now you’re ready to install the mini basketball hoop in the sales office.

You can use this hoop to incentivize salespeople by allowing them to take a shot from a certain distance every time they seal a deal. If they miss, tough luck, but if they score, they’ll win one of several prizes. You can run this sales incentive until all of the prizes have been won.

10. And the winner is…

You’ve heard of a tombola, right? Good. This sales incentive sees a salesperson rewarded with raffle tickets based on the amount of sales he or she makes. They could be given more raffle tickets based on the value, customer’s industry or if any cross-sales are made. The more raffle tickets that a salesperson has, the higher the chance of winning a prize.

11. Is is a bird? Is it a plane?…

As you can probably tell from the title, this sales incentive is based around superheroes. It works by raising the awareness of your super salesperson from last month in an incredibly visual way.

Your wonderful marketing team will create a personalized superhero poster based on your top salesperson. The poster should be large enough to be imposing and use things like their favorite sports team, hobbies or appearance to your advantage. Surely everyone will love a guitar wielding, suit wearing, Chicago Bulls supporting superhero poster of Gary on the wall – The Garynator!

This sales incentive keeps salespeople motivated as their achievements are portrayed in a fun, visual way to the rest of the company.

12. Pizza day

If your sales team hit their monthly target, why not buy them all an array of Dominoes pizzas for lunch (other pizza brands are also available).

It may not sound like a big deal, but running small, regular sales incentives can be as (if not more) effective than one all singing, all dancing one.

They consistently build motivation, bridge communication gaps and show appreciation to the team as a whole.

13. That’s no moon, it’s a space station

Yes, I admit that I’m a bit nerdy and enjoy the odd binge on Star Wars here and there, but my nerdiness is your gain!

You can incentivize your sales team by allowing them to spend a few hours a day in helping to build a Lego Death Star (or set of your choice). A couple of salespeople at a time will wield their Lego bricks and build as a team. This sales incentive is aimed towards building stronger relationships amongst colleagues and to interact with people who they wouldn’t normally speak to.

Plus, at the end of the day, you’ll have a Lego Death Star for the office. How cool is that?!

14. Points make prizes

This sales incentive can run for an entire year and it works by your salespeople collecting points throughout the year based on their sales performance. At the end of the year, each salesperson can cash in his or her points in exchange for prizes. The prizes can range from an extra holiday day to a weekend break, an iPad or branded merchandise. I’ll leave the prize ideas to you.

15. Internal newsletter

If your company has an internal newsletter, create a section that recognizes key sales wins and salespeople. Although no cash/prize incentive is available, the recognition will be a sure to boost the morale of that salesperson.

16. Red letter days

If you’re unfamiliar with these, they’re  amazing experience days that you normally wouldn’t do. For instance, they can include track days, hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping, days out or even power-boating. You could buy three different experiences and reward your top three salespeople with an experience of their choice.

17. Hard, cold cash

We all know that salespeople are motivated by money, whether that’s through commissions or other means. So why not use this to your advantage?

For a short time, you could increase the value of commissions, reward top performers with additional cash in their pay checks or even increase their salary.

There you go, that’s my list of 17 sales incentives that you can try with your team. Do you have any that you’ve found to be particularly successful? Please share them in the comments section below.


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