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5 costly mistakes that salespeople make

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Salespeople front your company. They represent (or should do) everything you stand for as a company and a brand. The way they sell, the way they present themselves and how they come across to prospects and customers reflects entirely on you.

Just to preface this post, we are only human after all. We do, from time to time, make mistakes. The sales arena is challenging and making small mistakes comes with the territory of a fast-paced job.

Even the best of us make some of these common sales mistakes…hands up if any of these ring any bells!

Not following up soon enough

This is probably one of the most prevalent mistakes salespeople make. Finding that sweet spot between meeting and following up. Between a lead coming through and a follow up. In my opinion, leads should be followed up on almost immediately after they are generated. Not left to fester and for your sales-ready prospect to wander off to a competitor because you don’t pick up the phone quickly enough.

Always putting the sale first

Every salesperson wants to close a deal and make the sale, but focusing solely on the endpoint can hit any customer relationship pretty hard. The first inkling that this deal is just another moneymaker, any prospect will turn and run for the hills. As with any relationship, building trust is key and showing you care is paramount.

Not completing enough pre-call research

Sales meetings should be about presenting a solution to the prospect’s problems, not learning the fundamental information that you could have garnered from doing a bit of research. If you get a meeting with a decision maker, don’t waste it; you may not get this opportunity again. Do all the research you possibly can and invest time in understanding their business before you try and sell to them.

Not keeping promises

Every business relationship revolves around trust, when you don’t keep your promises; this trust is broken down. Salespeople are renowned for making promises, selling the dream and those soon-forgotten commitments during the sales process. MAKE NOTES. Every customer call or interaction should be logged and recorded. Everything you say or offer during this meeting should be noted. Not only will this help you to save face in the future, but you will also have a clear idea of what happened during the meeting and the action points for each party moving forwards.

Failing to listen

No customer will appreciate a salesperson that doesn’t listen. Your job is to listen and understand the buyer’s wants and needs, respond to them and make them feel valued. Telling all there is to know about your product or service is good, but it is equally important to listen and identify where your offering can solve their problem.

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