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7 tips to manage growth in the building supplies industry

written by Chris Bourne

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The building and construction industry was hit particularly hard during the recession. Throughout the downturn, projects were left half completed and the stunning cityscapes we all envisaged became desolate wastelands of untouched properties, office blocks and commercial buildings. Plans and blueprints were tossed to the wayside and even the most established of building supply companies and retail chains encountered tough times.

But with every downturn comes a recovery and the industry has made a stellar comeback. Today, the building supplies industry in the United States alone is worth a staggering $60bn and the construction industry as a whole is forecast to grow over 70% in the next decade. With global construction output set to double to almost $15 trillion by 2025, the industry is predicted to grow at an incredible rate in the future. So there is little doubt that the industry has suffered but the resulting period of recovery has made it one of the strongest and most profitable.

In 7 tips to manage growth in the building supplies industry we outline ways you can successfully manage your growth.


– Using technology to streamline business processes

– Become unique and don’t follow the crowd

– Look after your livelihood

– Think outside the box

– Stay true to who you are

– Clear desk, clear mind

– Maintain growth and protect it

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