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9 tools to help your sales lead generation

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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I’m going to start this blog by shamelessly saying that sales-i is a great sales lead generation tool to help your prospect and spot opportunities within your existing customer base. Every wholesale distribution company should at least look at its capabilities to empower their sales team.

Right, with that out of the way let’s take a look at other sales tools to help sales lead generation and feed that pipeline.


  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Pricing: $1,170 per user, per year

LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B sales lead generation as there are millions of professionals who are active daily. Not only are these people engaging in content and messages, but they also share their details such as job title, company, remit and skillset with LinkedIn. To make all this data useful, LinkedIn launched Sales Navigator to allow you to run advanced searches and display more detailed prospect information, as well as create and save target lists and leads. The InMail functionality however, is what really sells it as you can message 30 contacts every month regardless of whether you are a connection or not.


linkedin navigator screenshot


  1. ZoomInfo


Pricing: Dependent on number of users and contacts

ZoomInfo is essentially a massive database of contact and company information. There are many others out there such as Hoovers or Mint, but in my experience, this is the most accurate and comprehensive, especially for the US. Recently have merged with them enriching their data further with information such as organization charts, personnel changes and recent online activity. ZoomInfo also comes with one-click contact integration into many popular CRM systems to save time and effort when prospecting. Every sales lead generator needs a tool like this in thier arsenal.


zoominfo screenshot



  1. DueDil


Pricing: £1,200 per user per year

Like ZoomInfo, DueDil is a database to obtain contact and company data for prospecting. With powerful filtering and great list creation and reporting, DueDil is a must have for any sales team. It’s lower down on the list  though compared to ZoomInfo due to it being more UK focused rather than globally.


duedil screenshot



  1. HubSpot


Pricing: Free basic plan; paid plans starting from £42 per month

HubSpot has rapidly grown into an international software powerhouse. Starting as a marketing automation tool, it’s now evolved into an all-round business system incorporating CRM, service desk and sales specific tools. It’s these sales tools that are most relevant here with lead scoring, automated email sequences, pipeline management, sales email templates and an IP prospecting tool. With this all-in-one package, your salespeople will be able to track your prospects’ movements and know when the best time is to strike.


hubspot screenshot



  1. Zoom


Pricing: Free basic plan; paid plans starting from £11.99 per month

Not to be confused with ZoomInfo, Zoom is video conferencing software. It’s great for showing product demos or interacting with your prospects over video rather than just the phone, plus it’s cheaper than a phone call. Video conferencing is fast becoming the business norm for sales teams who want to increase efficiency rather than spending hours on the road driving to a meeting.


zoom video conferencing screenshot



  1. Hunter


Pricing: Free to look up 100 emails; paid plans starting at $39/month.

Hunter is a simple Chrome extension which allows you to find all the associated email addresses of any given domain. Its unique selling point is that it will give you a score on how likely it is that someone will reply to that email address. If Hunter can’t find an email address it will supply you with common patterns behind other associated email addresses so you can effectively guess what the person’s contact details may be.


hunter screenshot



  1. Canddi


Pricing: Starting at £1,490 per year

Canddi is an anonymous website visitor tracker. It that looks up IP addresses to contact and company details so that you can associate your web visitor to a real person. This will give you the email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses for key contacts as well as quick links to social media pages. With this information, it’s quick and easy for your sales team to  contact the prospect visiting your site.


canddi screenshot



  1. ToutApp


Pricing: $49 per user per month

Salespeople love to send a prospect email and what better tool to do that than with ToutApp. ToutApp gives you and your team sales templates, campaign management and auto-logging to Salesforce. This bulk email approach allows salespeople to prospect faster and close more deals.


toutapp screenshot



  1. Google Alerts


Pricing: $0

Google Alerts may not be the fanciest option but can still be a valuable tool. Firstly, it’s free, secondly, it’s fast and thirdly, it’s simple. Google Alerts collects breaking news headlines on a wide range of subjects – including your prospects. You have to get a little creative to squeeze as much value out of it as possible, but many sales pros give it the thumbs up.


google alerts screenshot


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