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April Brunt


I’m a marketing executive here at sales-i with a special place in my heart for geometric shapes, uneven numbers and statement acrylic jewellery. I enjoy creating and delivering insightful information in creative formats. Functional can be beautiful! Connect with me on LinkedIn: April Brunt

U.S. Lumber distribution
U.S. Lumber distribution users put the brakes on declining growth with sales-i. 



Safety Sector growth
sales-i Safety sector users buck the national trend. Despite the pressures being felt by the distribution sector sales-i customers trading in the Safety equipment sector have seen growth figures 28 points higher than the sector average over the last quarter.

Trusted industry voice MDM (Modern Distribution Management) has compiled data from members across the U.S. to better understand the big picture of the distribution sector performance throughout the pandemic

The power of counterintuitive selling.

An unpredictable world, such as the one we are currently operating in, requires new tactics. As the world returns to work, we may find that our existing sales playbook isn’t yielding the results it once did. It’s time to shake things up.

The natural inclination is to focus on prospecting but there is a much better way to grow profits. You need to identify what success looks like, replicate those processes, and map out the whole ‘iceberg’ of potential with existing customers