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Chloe Cordell


Salesperson working from home with sales-i

How you use this time in lockdown, will determine how you come out of it. With sales-i by your side, you can maintain productivity and focus on reaching those vital sales goals, just by using the functions and capabilities within the software.

Joe Cox, UK Sales Manager, shares a practical ‘how-to’ guide in getting the most out of sales-i during the pandemic

A lot of us should be exhibiting at the Sales Innovation Expo 2020 today, however, with this postponed, we are taking advantage of these extra working days to be more productive and worthwhile.

Our UK sales team at sales-i are using this time as an opportunity to nurture prospects, build new relationships and book software demonstrations whilst decision-makers have a less hectic diary. Naturally – like every salesperson in the lockdown – they will face hurdles, but with determination and persistence, they will achieve results.


As it stands, sales-i should be exhibiting at the Manchester Cleaning Show from 25-26th March, however, with the risk of spreading Coronavirus, the event is now postponed until September.

The news of postponing the event was disheartening for both the exhibitors, attendees and event coordinators, as naturally, you work hard to get the show on the road. But following government guidelines, it was always the right thing to do