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role of the sales manager
Tip 2: The role of a sales manager

It may sound like it’s easy to describe what a sales manager’s role is but so many get it so wrong.

Realistically, a sales manager should only concentrate on two areas:

To manage their team to achieve TODAY’S goals To recruit, develop and nurture their team to achieve TOMORROW’S goals

It’s that simple

your best salesperson
Tip 3: Understanding who’s your best salesperson

 It’s the end of the quarter and Bob has yet again generated the most revenue in his team.

Round of applause.

But, does Bob actually deserve his round of applause and is he actually your best salesperson

Without knowing the market situation and breaking down results, you’ll never know.

Here’s a scenario to consider:

Demand for product 1 is rising by 10% per annum. Demand for product 2 is dropping by 10% per annum

rubber band effect
Tip 4: The ‘rubber band’ effect

Salespeople are a stubborn bunch. Change is not in their vocabulary.

So, how do you change someone that doesn’t want to change?

By force?

With candy?


Although they are all awesome ideas, the reality is that you need to use the ‘rubber band’ effect