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reverse planning sales activity
Tip 5: Reverse planning of your sales activity

Sales is one of the few professions where metrics can be captured at every stage of the process. From the number of prospecting calls to the number of meetings and conversion rates for closing to total revenue.

Knowing these metrics puts you in a great position because you’ll know precisely the level of activity that’s needed to yield the desired results.

To gain this knowledge, you need to reverse plan your sales process

mobile data on phone

A B2B sales role may seem straight forward, however, in truth it’s not. Every salesperson needs to consider what happens, before, during and after the sales process.

A modern-day salesperson will have a lot of distractions. Ever-changing procedures, keeping on top of admin and a host of new tools entering the market to name a few.

Fortunately, sales enablement exists to combat these distractions to ensure that your sales team achieve their goals

sales lead generation

I’m going to start this blog by shamelessly saying that sales-i is a great sales lead generation tool to help your prospect and spot opportunities within your existing customer base. Every wholesale distribution company should at least look at its capabilities to empower their sales team.

Right, with that out of the way let’s take a look at other sales tools to help sales lead generation and feed that pipeline