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Our marketing team have been working hard to bring insightful content to wholesale, manufacturing and distribution professionals.

7 words and phrases to ditch from your pitch

Salespeople are talkers. While graced with the gift of the gab, salespeople, like most of us, are all guilty of overusing certain words and phrases. Whether a matter of habit or not, salespeople in particular are at the mercy of the words they use in their pitch.

What words encourage the sale and which render it lifeless? Which might actually be hurting your pitch rather than enhancing it?

Here are 7 BS words and phrases you should be ditching from your pitch to start closing more business


After our first apprentices joined the sales-i family in November 2017, we have since welcomed two more to the company. George Cartwright and Lee Dugmore have joined us as Helpdesk Analyst and Customer Success apprentices respectively.

We are delighted to be able to support two local students with real-world experience to supplement their studies, giving them the opportunity to apply their skills in a business environment


The award-winning provider of sales intelligence & analytics software, sales-i, has today announced its partnership with Karmak, a leading supplier of dealer management solutions, to deliver unrivaled insight into customer accounts.

Through this strategic partnership, customers will have instant access to a complete 360-degree view of customer accounts. Fueled by data stored in Karmak’s DMS, sales-i takes the guesswork out of selling and proactively alerts salespeople to lucrative selling opportunities