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Kelly Wheeler


Senior Customer Success Manager

3 Reasons You Need Your Customer Information Captured in a CRM - Yesterday!

I have been a Customer Success Manager for over four years, and my Customer Relationship Management software has always been essential to my personal as well as my customer’s success! The more information I capture in my CRM about my customers, the better I’m able to service them in the future. I make sure to log all of my customer interactions immediately after they occur to ensure I don’t forget anything and so I can keep track of exactly what’s going on with my customers here at sales-i

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Buying a new sales software tool can be a very exciting time. Yet, 63%  of larger companies risk project failure as they find implementation and adoption a much harder process. Watching boardroom excitement descend into shop floor apathy is a real possibility if you don’t do your homework. You need to get everyone in your company pumped to use the new sales software – not just the CEO