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Steven Franklin


I am a Marketing Executive at sales-i and have been since September 2016. Prior to this I worked in the b2b service industry for 6 years and had roles in Marketing, Sales and Account Management during this time. I Enjoyed it, learnt a lot but missed focusing solely on the marketing side, I missed the feeling of writing a good blog, the excitement of sending out a good emailer and the thrill of opening up google analytics . I'm sad I know.

trucking in a COVID-19 world
Keep on trucking: What’s next for the heavy-duty sector?


The Heavy-duty sector is the backbone of the US, shipping goods all over the country, whether its fuel, medical supplies, raw materials, or consumer goods. If for whatever reason, trucking was to stop overnight, the whole country would grind to a halt.

Like many industries though, the sector felt the effects of COVID-19 straight away


Leaving the EU is likely to bring both opportunities and challenges for high volume manufacturers.

For instance, many high volume manufacturing companies are worried about a possible end to tariff-free trade, while others see Brexit as an opportunity to do more business with lower-cost suppliers in countries such as China.

Three potential advantages and disadvantages of Brexit for high volume manufacturers are listed below


What will the Brexit consequences be for the food and beverage industry?

The food and beverage industry has many challenges to contend with in 2019.

The constant move towards healthier products, more demand for traceability, requests for locally sourced ingredients and retailer-supplier price squeezes are just a few constant issues