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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe use sales-i to get quick and easy access to customer data.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe is using sales-i to ensure a smooth reporting process with quick access to customer data.

  • £33M net worth
  • £85M total current assets
  • £180M turnover



The Overview.

Founded in Akron, Ohio in 1914, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company provides replacement passenger car, van and motorcycle tires to the tire retail industry. They are completely focused on craft ing high-quality tires that will perform well, last thousands of miles and guarantee a smooth journey.

With more than a century in business, the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company understands what is needed to stay successful in the industry, which is why they use sales-i to assist their sales.

The Challenge.

As Cooper continued to develop their tire technology and innovation, the selling time was becoming increasingly valuable; everything was a priority and there weren’t enough hours in the day to see to them all.

Brian Sprott, Sales Director of Western Europe explains: “Before sales-i, our reporting process was that complicated that it was wasting hours of valuable selling time. We had far too many individual sales reports that all needed to be requested from our IT department, who would send it back to be manually integrated before it was available to our salespeople.”

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The Solution.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company discovered sales-i back in 2013 and they quickly realised the benefits that the sales intelligence software would bring to their business. They saw value in its ability to deliver unrivalled visibility into the performance of their accounts, reps, dealers and products down to SKU.

Having an overview of their insights meant that Cooper Tire was able to maintain their focus on the technology and innovation of their products and services and let the sales enablement soft ware do the reporting work for them.

“Our salespeople just generate the reports themselves. There and then. It couldn’t be quicker and simpler if we tried.

sales-i provides one single tool for the job and our sales team can readily access sales information, monitor trends and record activity. It empowers our sales team and is an invaluable tool within the business.”

"sales-i empowers our sales team and is an invaluable tool for the business."


Brian Sprott, Sales Director


The Results.

“The speed at which we can access information in sales-i is empowering our entire sales team”, Brian says, “sales-i provides us with one single tool for the job which means our sales team can readily access sales information, monitor trends and record activity all within one place. And because they can access it anywhere and everywhere, it makes their day so much more efficient, whether they’re on the road, at their desks or sat in a meeting with a customer.”

In particular, the Sales vs Gaps inquiry has also been a real game-changer for Cooper Tire, helping the team to swiftly identify any gaps in sales, new cross-sell/upsell opportunities or any potential risks that could impact the future of the business.

Brian adds, “we use sales-i to monitor customer performance by month compared to the previous year. By drilling down through our data, we can identify which areas we need to be targeting for sales. We create and save a lot of our own searches too, in order to monitor the sales of new tire sizes we have introduced.”

The Future.

After almost 7 years of using a sales enablement software to support the performance of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Brian Sprott is impressed with the impact it has made for his sales team and the overall business and hopes to continue this success by taking advantage of more features within sales-i.

“sales-i empowers our sales team and is an invaluable tool for the business. Cooper Tire are able to deliver that same professional standard and high-quality as 1914, but with more focus and efficiency”, Brian concludes.

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