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Cowans Group

Cowans uses sales-i to improve their sales activity success.

Cowans Group established in 1932, pride themselves on offering and supplying everything for the modern workplace, from paperclips and PCs to potted plants and everything in-between.

  • 40,000+ products
  • 12% growth after introducing sales-i
  • 15+ sales-i users

The Overview.

Cowans position themselves as a key partner to their customers with a view to playing an active part in their success.

The Challenge.

Cowans have now grown to supply over 40,000 products and a comprehensive range of services too. Naturally, this success in itself brings its own challenges, not least, managing the sheer amount of data that is captured by the back-office system.

Prior to sales-i, all this data needed to be sifted through manually and analyzed to try and determine what was useful information and what wasn’t.

This made preparing and presenting the findings in a timely and professional manner an increasingly difficult challenge.

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The Solution.

In summer 2016, Cowans Group decided it was time to find a more efficient, less stressful way of solving the challenges they’d been encountering. Cowans decided to give sales-i a try and after a successful demo they haven’t looked back.

Lee Mears, Sales & Marketing Director explains, “as well as being intuitive to use and easy on the eye, sales-i provides a means by which my team and I can take control of our sales data so that our systems are working for us rather than us working for the system.”

"sales-i is intuitive to use and easy on the eye. Sales activity can be directed to those areas where there is a greater likelihood of success."


Lee Mears, Sales and Marketing Director

The Results.

During quarter one of 2017, Cowans ran a pilot Customer Loyalty scheme, ‘Trust Points’. Cowan’s experienced a 12% growth during this period. Lee says sales-i had an impact on this growth, ‘sales-i helped us monitor the performance and directed us to those customers who weren’t taking advantage of the loyalty programme. Happy days!’’

Another benefit is that sales-i is helping to guide the sales team to where they should be focusing their efforts, “Sales activity can be directed to those areas where there is a greater likelihood of success.’’ And the software is also saving the sales and marketing teams huge amounts of time and effort in finding new leads and generating new ideas.

Lee feels it has provided Cowans with “Speedy analysis of sales data in support of email campaigns with a view to influencing further activity.’’

Cowans were complimentary too of the sales-i training they’ve received. ’Training was first class – dare I say enjoyable!’’ exclaims Lee.

The Future.

Campaigns is the area of the sales-i system which allows a user to set up specific data queries, the results of which can then be discovered in an instant.

An example would be setting up a query which searches for all customers who usually spend over £3,000 per month, but whose spend dropped last month.

This area of the system can be incredibly lucrative, something which Lee realizes: ‘We run a comprehensive range of enquiries, but we now need to develop our campaign activity.”

This is the next step in the system becoming even more valuable for Cowans than it has been so far.

Our partners.

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