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CTD Tiles.

Top tile supplier empowered with sales software from sales-i.

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CTD Tiles is leading the way in the supply of wall and floor tiles from their 100 tile showrooms across the UK with instant access to sales and customer data in sales-i.

  • Used sales-i since 2013
  • 100+ tile showrooms in the UK
  • 50+ years of experience

The Overview.

Headquartered in Newcastle, the CTD Group encompasses four of the largest suppliers of tiles in the UK: Ceramic Tile Distributors, World’s End Tiles and Tile Depot.

Sourcing products from around the world, CTD Tiles supply wall and floor tiles to a myriad of customers across a number of trade and commercial markets, from national housebuilders to leisure centres and independent tiling businesses. The company now has over 100 tile showrooms across the country.

The Challenge.

CTD were struggling with manual sales reporting processes, a lack of actionable insight and an increasingly demanding customer base.

Sales Director John O’Sullivan was no stranger to the problem: “We had a sales team writing long monthly reports that offered very few benefits but took a lot of time to create; they had little access to sales data and were flying blind for a lot of the time when it came to selling to our customers.”



The Solution.

While his team had some access to sales data, it was incredibly limited. “They only received headline sales figures and had no ability to interrogate this data further.” Since discovering sales-i, John and the team at CTD have been impressed with the amount of information readily available in the system. “We have real-time access to the activities of the entire team, we can monitor and manage key figures and track progress.”

“sales-i gives us comprehensive access to our sales data, which helps our sales team to be more proactive and informed about the transactional relationship we have with our customer.”

"sales-i empowers the sales team at CTD. It is one of the most important initiatives that we have introduced in the last 3 years."


John O' Sullivan, Sales Director

The Results.

The level of detail available in sales-i has impressed John and the team, who now actively track all customer contact and transactional activity.

His team has been released from the burden of weekly and monthly reporting, reducing the amount of selling time wasted on admin tasks. “We have educated our sales team so that they use the CRM within sales-i for reporting and maintaining a complete commentary on their activities with a customer.”

The Future.

John has noticed a complete cultural shift within the company since introducing sales-i in 2013.

“sales-i empowers the sales team at CTD to manage our portfolio and customer base. It’s one of the most important initiatives that we have introduced in the last 3 years.”

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