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Diagmed Healthcare.

Independent distributor of endoscopy and diagnostic equipment transforms business with sales-i.

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Headquartered in the traditional English market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Diagmed Healthcare is an independent distributor of endoscopy and diagnostic equipment to the National Health Service and private healthcare markets.

  • 35+ years in business
  • 1,000 products
  • 30+ sales-i users

The Overview.

With over 1,000 products that address a number of gastrointestinal procedures and in excess of 600 customers nationwide, Diagmed’s core values have remained a constant throughout their 35-year history: honesty, integrity and passion.

The Challenge.

In an industry that is renowned for its economic challenges, Diagmed was only too aware of the need for complete standardisation across processes, supply chain and pricing.

“Our data was being drawn from a centralised Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system that disclosed all areas of the business and as such, was controlled by only a few people. This created an over-reliance on those individuals to access and disseminate data,” said Daniel Edmondson, Commercial Director at Diagmed.

“Decision making was also taking too long as we were using too many bespoke reports rather than having immediate, real-time data to hand to drive sales and strategic management.”

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The Solution.

As such, the search for a solution began in earnest. The team at Diagmed carried out a full review of the options available to them and eventually whittled their search down to three providers: sales-i, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

“We did research into systems that were available off-the-shelf to us that didn’t need heavy IT involvement but would allow us space in the platform to grow without penalising us for our relative immaturity in using a system like this.

“We identified a shortlist of three companies but chose sales-i. Every decision maker involved was very impressed with the platform, support and future development plans,” Daniel adds and the company went live with sales-i in May 2018.

"sales-i has fundamentally transformed the way we carry out our strategic decision making. It is saving us time, money and effort in accessing and using our data."


Daniel Edmondson, Commercial Director


The Results.

In less than a year, the change at Diagmed has been transformational and Daniel couldn’t be happier: “We have derived an enormous benefit throughout the company with sales-i. Many data processing roles have been completely transformed into supportive and analytical roles.”

Diagmed’s 30+ users have relished the valuable time they have been able to reclaim since using sales-i. “We have saved so many man-hours. Processing data manually is a thing of the past and the data in sales-i is always up to date.”

In his position as Commercial Director, Daniel has been actively using the powerful analytics in sales-i to help inform the wider sales strategy: “The different layers of the business access different areas. As a strategic decision maker, I use Enquiries daily to analyse sales development and pricing and to help in negotiations with procurement.”

The Future.

As the team at Diagmed approach their second year using sales-i, they are broadening their usage of sales-i and have begun creating Campaigns that deliver proactive talking points straight to their sales team.

“We initially used sales-i to generate management information and as a reporting tool, but we have now started using Campaigns.

“sales-i has fundamentally transformed the way we carry out our strategic decision making. It is saving us time, money and effort in accessing and using our data,” Daniel concludes.

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