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Social Selling: A Manager's Guide.

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The sales landscape is changing at a greater pace than ever before. As part of that change, the role of digital channels for lead generation, nurturing and customer service has increased year-on-year.

With a predicted 6.1 billion people having access to your business’ social channels via handheld devices – it’s time to get serious about Social Selling. This white paper details the reasons to do Social Selling as well as practical help on how to get started.

Content includes:

  • What Social Selling is
    Understand what Social Selling means to you and your team
  • Why you need it
    Get to grips with how important Social Selling is to the success of your team
  • How to plan it
    Learn how to lead your team with a Social Selling strategy

  • How to do it
    Action practical tips and activities to get your team started.

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